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Constant negative dialogue running around in your head can drive you quackers! This book is the answer...
What is 'Shut The Duck Up'?
Shut The Duck Up isn’t just another “how to” book on
personal development.
-It’s NOT about giving you tools that are simply too hard to implement…

-It’s NOT about getting you all hyped up, only for that determination to fade quickly...

-It’s NOT just another self-help book that tells you to write down your goals and say positive affirmations…
'Shut The Duck Up' Takes A No-Fluff Approach!
Shut The Duck Up takes a no-fluff approach to teaching and self-help.
Dip in and out as you like to use the keys to unlock the insight you need to get focused, without feeling the pressure to set aside large chunks of reading time.

The down-to-earth writing and bite-sized format make it a natural companion to self-improvement - in your own time and on your own terms.
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“This book is brilliant! I’ve read it a couple of times now and I’ve gained so much from it.” - Nadine Mackenzie
“It’s not a self development book, it’s 50 short guides on specific aspects on shutting the duck up.” - Cate Caruth
“It has helped me so much over the last 10 months.” -  Harley Jackson
“It’s like having Pete with you all the time.” - Debbie Bird
Shut The Duck Up retails for £15.00, but we have bought it for you! We just ask that you pay postage & packing to receive it (only £7 to anywhere in the the UK). Your information is secure and will not be shared.
What People Are Saying About Shut The Duck Up!
Here’s What You Will Learn From This Amazing Book
  • How to STOP the constant negative dialogue running round your head that is potentially holding you back from greatness
  • The #1 way to change your life so you're more positive, productive, happier and healthier
  • Find out how you can tap into your true potential, and change the way you communicate with yourself so you are more equipped to deal with the challenges of life 
  • Discover a whole load of simple tips, tools, techniques and strategies that you can apply each and every day to help you succeed in many different areas of your life 
  • And you will be inspired and motivated to have greater success in many different areas of your life. This practical book will help you to achieve your goals, dreams and ambitions
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1. It’s my way of saying thank you. For the last 20 years I’ve been helping high-flying business owners, executives, sportspeople and then everyday people like you and me with conquering fear and busting habits. I’ve appeared on national TV and radio, spoken on stage to thousands of people worldwide, been featured in lots of different press publications, and written 17 best selling books… and this is my way of giving back. 
2. Because unlike other "guru's" and personal development ‘peopleI don’t want to charge you thousands of pounds/dollars to access information that can change your life. That is why I’m giving away this book for free. (You just have to pay £7 for postage & packing.)
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What Others Are Saying About Pete
"Pete Cohen’s ability to help people transcend their unwanted habits fears and phobias is amazing.
I would recommend Pete Cohen to anyone who wishes to bust any unwanted habits or behaviour. With his methods, so much is possible."
~ Dr.Hilary Jones
"Pete Cohen's expertise is matched only by his enthusiasm for helping people improve their lives.
He has honed his skills by working with a broad range of clients from those with complex problems to sports champions."
~ Paul McKenna
"I’ve seen Pete make a difference to people’s lives and I believe he make a difference to yours"
~ Roger Black 
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